EN: Use the arrows to move and jump and space bar to use the water.
BR: Use as setas para mover e pular e a barra de espaço para usar a água.

Story of the game
EN: The fireman rescued everybody but found himself surrounded by fire on the top of a building. Now he needs to hurry and descend carefully, but fast, to the exit.
BR: O bombeiro resgatou todo mundo, mas ficou cercado de fogo no topo do prédio. Agora ele precisa ser rápido, e descer com cuidado, pra conseguir escapar.

About the development
It was rushed so it starts immediately, I had no time to place a menu, and it is a very short game.

There's no sfx, only music. I hope it is fun to play!

Made for 22nd #GM48
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Published Apr 17, 2017
AuthorBee Tracks
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsdescend, fireman, gm48, Pixel Art